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And fortunately for you, there are plenty of ways in which you can arouse a woman by just talking. Also, if you factor in the fact that texting is a thing, you can turn her on without even having to be in the same room as her.

Sexual communication is fun, and it has to be natural and organic.

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Even though a woman can be quickly aroused by what you say, she can also be turned off just as fast. There are some aspects of dirty talk that are generally acceptable and safe. But there are also some aspects of it that might make some women uncomfortable.

It really depends on the personalities that are involved and the context of the conversation that you are having. There is always something that you can learn. And this article is going to help you improve your dirty-talking game.

You might not necessarily get the delivery right on the first try. But hey, at least you already have got some great material that you can work with. It rarely ever hurts to just test out a few flirty sex questions to your wife or girlfriend to start things out. And once you do, always take note of how they react to these questions. Try to remember which kinds of approaches work and which backfire. Over time, you are really going to get the hang of things and you will practically become a master at seducing your girl by merely using your words.

It adds an entirely new layer to the sexual experience as a whole. It definitely spices things up a lot too. Studies have already shown that couples who are able to communicate better generally have a happier and more satisfactory sex life. That is definitely not something that we can actively promote.

Remember that women are typically very sensitive about this issue and you run the risk of offending them right at the offset. Instead of getting them aroused, you might just be repelling them further away from you. All About Women. Who says that foreplay always has to be physical? It might be best to turn on girlfriend these kinds of questions for a woman who you already have a very deep and intimate emotional relationship with.

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