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Visual content in all its forms has become the driving trend online, as improvements in technology and bandwidth push the boundaries of what can be done with visual media.

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Nowhere is this more true than in social mediawhere having a good visual strategy can be key to taking advantage of marketing and promotional opportunities. In recent years, the popularity of visual social networks like Instagram and Snapchat has made them an increasingly important source of visibility and ad revenuewhile new players entering the social media space also frequently revolve around visual content like videos, graphics and animations. In the last part of this articlewe looked at two out of four major visual social networks, their unique features and how you can gear your social strategy towards them: the dominant titan Instagram, and the dark horse Pinterest.

The visually-focused blogging platform boasts a highly engaged user base, which research by Adweek has revealed is also the wealthiest amongst any of its rivals. Some marketers may be put off by the popular image of Tumblr tumblr teen snapchat an obscure, cliquey and jargon-filled hive for Millennials. The vast majority of Tumblr blogs are elaborate pieces of curation, so if you can create good shareable content, a boost in visibility and engagement will follow quickly behind. This goes both ways, of course, so interact, engage with the community and find relevant pieces of content to share and repost.

Although the first 20 tags of any Tumblr post are searchable, the first five are the most important, and will determine which posts show up if a Tumblr user is tracking that tag for updates.

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Also, Tumblr users often write little messages in their tags once the important ones are out of the way, so tag on a funny little epithet for some extra cred. Tumblr has the flexibility of being a platform for text articles as well as images, so you can mix it up with some long-form written pieces and reports.

Tumblr can support all kinds of embeds as well, so splash out with data tumblr teen snapchat, infographics, videos and of course, gifs. Snapchat is a bit of an outlier among the four platforms listed here. And while Instagram is chiefly a mobile app and Tumblr and Pinterest are increasingly mobile-centric, Snapchat is the only one of these platforms which is mobile- onlywithout even the possibility of a user accessing the site via desktop. Vertical video drives a much higher engagement rate on Snapchat as it fits more naturally with the way that mobile users hold their devices; and all s point to vertical becoming the dominant trend on mobile in general.

While many would shy away from live updates on platforms like Twitter and Facebook where the resulting posts can horribly clutter up your feed, live updates on Snapchat bring all the benefits of increased attention and engagement with none of the drawbacks. Snapchat exclusive content is also the perfect opportunity for cross-platform promotion, using your other social media channels to build the anticipation while directing your followers over to Snapchat to catch the big moment.

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Having a buzz on other platforms around your Snapchat-only content also creates a sense of mystery that will compel people to check it out. This worked well for Audi inwhen it partnered with The Onion to create a series of hilarious captioned images to be broadcast on Snapchat during the Superbowl, which kept viewers chuckling the whole way through. People think I am laughing at commercials in hotel bar. Actually audi on snapchat is the best part of this game. Here are some go-to tips for approaching visual social media that you can apply across the board. More and more internet users are accessing content primarily through a mobile device, so make sure that your content looks as good on mobile as you would want it to on desktop.

This can be anything from shooting for a vertical screen to just making sure that the information around your visuals appears how you want it to. For example, pin descriptions on Pinterest for mobile are shorter than on desktop, which could result in some important information being cut off. This is the internet, after all, and a well-placed GIF is almost always a good idea.

Platforms are increasingly catering towards this — for tumblr teen snapchat, Twitter recently added a dedicated GIF button to let tweeters search for the perfect animation to express their feelings. Adding in a GIF can quickly add some personality or a bit of humour to a social media update, as well as making it more eye-catching. You can also make your own to show off a product or feature, as Samsung did for the Galaxy S The ridiculously good-looking GalaxyS6. BlueTopaz pic. Take Red Bull for example: it would be pretty boring if all of their visual media showed pictures of drinks cans.

But Red Bull has expertly built a brand image around daredevilry and adrenaline-pumping activities, so its social media channels are full of dramatic photographs and videos of death-defying stunts. Tumblr teen snapchat use another example from the drinks industry, Indian mango drink Frooti uses its Instagram to post brightly-coloured graphics and stop-motion animations featuring mangoes and mango drinks.

Typographically illustrated quotations are popular on platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, and are a simple yet effective type of visual content. Content should be not just visual but interactive. Challenge them to find something in an image, or put together clues to win a prize. The image would reveal different clues depending on which filter was applied, leading to a solution to the riddle.

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How to use visual social media. Part two: Tumblr and Snapchat