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Online now. topic Next topic. Taboo kinks. Is anyone else ashamed of some of their kinks, if not were you ever and how did you overcome it? I use to be. I thought mine was really screwed up and that I would never do them.

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Then I met some submissive women who absoutly loved and shared the same kinks as me. We shouldn't be scared of our kinks or of judgment for them. If we're all fully open and confident in what we want then we will attract like minded people. Oh, how I wish the last sentence above was true for me but I agree with the rest; not being afraid or judging others for what they like. I suspect a lot of it is an attitude, if you whisper about your kinks like they're something shameful then yeah others are going to pick up on that and wonder if maybe it's something they should be ashamed of.

I have some kinks that others would find distasteful but then they have some that make me feel the same. It's all just another thing or piece that makes you who you are and once I accepted that It was easy to separate the fact that liking different flavors in kink is taboo kinks like enjoying different types of food. Just a feeling that a few of them are a little weird or odd. Rather than feel ashamed of those ones, more often I wonder where those kinks came from, at what stage in my development did they get intertwined with sexual arousal.

If you are able to gain an understanding of how or why these things appeal to you, they hold less overt power over your mind. Fortunately, none of my kinks are dangerously taboo. Just odd, in my opinion. There's taboo kinks thing you just have to accept: you like what you like. You can't help that.

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You can work on distracting yourself from those kinks, from focusing on other things, and from not acting on the ones you prefer were kept to a minimum. But you like what you like, whether it's something as common as being whipped to something as strange as having Fig Newtons smeared all over your face. That's the most random one Taboo kinks could come up with. For me, I wouldn't necessarily say I've been ashamed of some of my kinks, just selective on who knows what so to say. Also, the word taboo IMO is such a broad based term. There was a point when I was like "Ooh wow I really like that!!

Awesome topic. Wishing you well. Yes I use to hide what I was into because I just thought I taboo kinks alone i it. Then friends where talking about what they do and i came out. First they hwere shocked. Then the questions started and it was down hill from there as they started to get as kinky as me some even more so. Bettie ? I discovered my kinky side before it was even known, before porn, before XXX, before magazines.

It's still something that generally keep a secret, except for lovers and a few close friends.

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I doubt that I will ever be totally open about it. That's just how it has always been for me. Please Forgive Me, but I had to comment. I'm actually the polar opposite of this forum, I'm a submissive man dreaming of a Dominant Woman. So, I promise to make this short.

Many of my kinks make me feel ashamed, especially my fetish for being a cuckold and my fantasy of being forced into bi-sexual acts by a woman.

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Two seemingly innocent fantasies except that whenever I'm asked to speak about them opening, I get super embarrassed and begin to feel like something is wrong with me. Taboo Kinks are so erotic, but terrifying at the same time.

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One of my biggest taboos, breath play! I love to be choked and strangled during play, but how do you tell someone that? I have some similarities to legloverbrenton. I enjoy bisexual action and I enjoy an element of cross dressing. It took a long time to recognise that I enjoy what I enjoy and there is no reason for this to need me to fit a particular dynamic.

Since accepting this and then allowing my natural dominance to come through - I have been so much more taboo kinks and comfortable in my own skin. Follow us on Twitter. For billing inquiries, please visit ccbillour authorized sales and service agent. The most loved post in topic.

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