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When Jess Davies started glamour modelling at age 18, she had no idea that she would be opened up to online abuse, trolling and, bizarrely, having her images used by catfish who target men around the world.

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Now the l mags have closed and Jess has decided not to do topless shoots anymore, but images of her are all over the internet. She has no control over how they are used or what for. She has never been able to get to the bottom of why this happens, but in this film she finally finds out. It can be traced back to a collection of underground forums, websites and groups dedicated to packaging up nude and topless photos to sell in online marketplaces.

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In these forums, revenge porn, nudes and leaked photos from Only Fans are traded and sold. Jess begins to realise just how massive an impact the trading and misuse of photos of her has had on how she feels about herself and her real-life relationships. Now she is determined to reclaim control over her own body, her image and her life. Timings where shown are from the start of the programme in hours and minutes. Brand new fresh, cutting-edge and unmissable titles, from BBC Three.

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Home Information and Support. Main content. Watch now. When Nudes Are Stolen. Former glamour model Jess Davies uncovers the hidden trade in nude photographs.

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Stolen nude

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When Nudes are Stolen, BBC3, review: A blurry look at the grim world of image-based sexual abuse