Spanking role playing

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Bearing in mind I am 58 yrs old, the naughty schoolboy is out of the question. I wouldn't be adverse to a 3rd party female being involved, but think if I suggested it I wouldn't sit for a week. Even eliminating the serials, there are of them, by a variety of authors. How about "Lady of the Manor" and servant. I think you were tippling in the liquor cabinet instead.

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Do you know what happened to the last lad I caught stealing sips from the liquor cabinet? Or, trip to the woodshed. Get out to the woodshed and take your trousers down.

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I'll be along as soon as I find a suitable belt. You will report to me today at two O'clock for a much needed punishment or I report this. I like the woodshed idea rollin, we have a shed at the bottom of the garden, and getting a tawse up here in Scotland shouldn't be too difficult. Please keep the ideas coming folks, mrs dund93 can't wait to get into character. We are trying for something appropriate for our ages, original and a big turn on for us both. Although my wife is 63, she has a right arm like a piston and a right hand of leather.

I had one more thought, maybe the most natural one for husband and wife The backyard voyeur spying on the neighbor lady sunbathing nude. She catches him and tells him, of course that naughty boys who spy should be spanked.

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All you had to do was ask. Great rollin!

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Is the neighbour invited to witness my spanking? And maybe participate. How old is the neighbour? What about a medical theme? You make an innapropriate comment while being examined by your female GP and she decides you're not too old to really be taught a lesson.

This is fun, isn't it?

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My heart is really beating thinking about your ideas. More please. My suggestion could be that you pretend to be a robber, come in the house at night with a flash light, she is in bed sleeping and she comes and catches you and tells you she can call the police or she can deal with you her way. Any role play ideas? Mrs dund93 and myself are looking to introduce role play into my spanking. Good call njrick. Online now: Members - 11 : Guests - 5 alberoBashfulBobcady09gary27millgreenotk2dayrwcjackrwilliamhShelbyHspanker30tgriff.

Spanking role playing

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Role Play – Our Intro to Domestic Discipline