Sexy pregnant woman

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Are pregnant women sexy and sexual during pregnancy? Simply put, the answer is yes. So, it would seem like a no brainer that couples should be having amazing sex during pregnancy. Why is that? Unfortunately, pregnancy raises many anxieties, some rational but many irrational, that put a damper on sexual desire. But unless there are problems, sex during pregnancy is perfectly safe, though you still may need to take precautions to avoid the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. Somehow the close proximity of the penis to the growing fetus seems almost like some sort of incestuous contact with their own.

Another issue that some men might experience is that their wives become too voluptuous during pregnancy, to the point that they begin to feel disgusted by the sight of their pregnant wives. Women can also fear that vaginal intercourse can damage the baby. They might be frightened that their own orgasms can damage the baby. What if their seemingly violent contractions during orgasm induce miscarriage or early labor and the birth of a premature baby? Some women might prefer to abstain from sex and from orgasms for the duration of the pregnancy because they would rather be safe than sorry, and so err on the side of caution, especially with a first baby after a bout of infertility.

Why take a sexy pregnant woman Men might feel sexually rejected if their pregnant wives choose to abstain from sex for the duration of the pregnancy.

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Envisioning a long period of sexual deprivation and frustration seems intolerable. And men might feel quite guilty of their sexual resentment because a devoted husband should just make the sacrifice of sexual satisfaction with a good attitude. We see that sexual anxiety, ambivalence, and inhibition during pregnancy can lead to serious marital problems. There is quite a risk of one or both partners feeling sexually rejected in a shaming way and then having to live with considerable sexual frustration at a time when their need for sexual intimacy is greater than ever.

There can be considerable shame and guilt that their seemingly irrational sexual anxieties and inhibitions are leading them to sexually deprive a partner who only wants to be intimate with them as they embark on bringing a new life into the world together.

The first thing couples must do is talk about their complicated feelings with each other in an accepting way. But sexy pregnant woman anxieties are not always so easily talked away, and who knows for sure what is or is not an irrational anxiety?

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There is no one right way to handle this situation. Each couple must figure out for themselves what works for them.

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Some men might initiate an extramarital sex life if they feel sexually rejected by their wives. Some wives might just get used to no longer having a sex life and put all of their emotional energies into their baby.

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My final advice is not to become a conflict-avoiding couple when pregnancy complicates your sex life and to try to confront this issue as straightforwardly yet as compassionately as you can. Lawrence Josephs, Ph. His research focuses on infidelity and the role of authenticity in intimate relationships.

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Sexy pregnant woman

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