Medical fetish

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My fantasies have revolved around medical procedures since I was old enough to have sexual fantasies.

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I have never acted on, nor told anyone about this fetish. I do, however, subscribe to a medical fetish porn site. EDIT: Sorry for the delay in the answers. My boyfriend decided that he wanted to go out last night. He spent the night, so I really didn't have a moment alone to type back to all of you. EDIT: To the guy who asked me to describe my ultimate fantasy: I'm sorry that you deleted your comment, as I was working on a detailed response for you.

If you're still interested in my description, please PM me or post another comment, whichever makes you more comfortable. Yes, but only because I'm a cuddler. I'm not inherently turned on by people medical fetish medical problems.

How are medical procedures sexual to you exactly? Like, you want to go at it on an operating table? Or you want to play with the cotton swabs? For me, anyway, it's more that I like watching medical procedures being performed. Admittedly, not just anything is sexy.

Medical fetish does have to be something involving an already sexual part of the body. I also sometimes fantasize about performing said procedures on a partner, although not if it would cause them pain, discomfort, or embarrassment. Some people with medical fetishes have an accompanying interest in BDSM. I, however, do not. In fact, I'm turned off by the porn that ends in the doctor fucking the patient, etc.

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I am definitely turned on by watching the procedure, though, and hence, the fetish. If I allowed you to check me for an enlarged prostate, would you get me off too, or just yourself? If you were into it, definitely. Even though my fantasies don't usually feature actual sex, I can only assume that if a partner were really into this as well, I'd be even more turned on and interested in making him cum.

Are you in a relationship? If yes, why don't you tell the person that you have this fetish? Yes, I have a boyfriend. He's always been very "vanilla" in bed, and I'm afraid it would make him uncomfortable. I've tried to open up the, "What are you into? Plus, Medical fetish not unhappy with our sex life at all.

As the relationship progresses, I may feel a need to tell him and find an opportunity to do so. I trust him more than any of my partners, to whom I have never mentioned this, either. Also you should just swing for the fences and tell your boyfriend. I watch House, Mercy, and a lot of Discovery Health specials.

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I also used to watch Scrubs, but I'm not certain that really falls into the same category. Chances are good, though, that these shows aren't covering anything pertaining to parts of the body I'm interested in. Every once in a while, they hit on something I really like. There is an episode of House, guest-starring Jayma Mays, who I think is very cute.

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This is so weird, it might have cured my fetish. I'm kidding, but yeah, that's so tangentially related, I'm not even certain it belongs in the same category as things I like. For me, it really has to be accurate and believable. At first I got your post's headline and another one mixed up and read "IAmA woman with a precious metals fetish" and was wondering "Wait This is hilarious.

Oddly enough, I couldn't care less about jewelry. I'm kind of a tomboy in my life outside of the bedroom. I remember playing "doctor" with my toys as a kid, and I think that, as I got older, I somehow sexualized the concept. Again, though, I'd have to be the "doctor", and I'd have to know that I wasn't causing any harm to the "patient". As a side note, I think this is why I went to graduate school instead of medical school. I was worried that, if I became a doctor, I would have to perform some procedure that would be inadvertently sexually stimulating for me.

I can only imagine how doubly uncomfortably it would be for me if I had to say, give a rectal exam, and got turned on in the process. I've had several surgeries, which did not excite me at all, but I assume this is because they were not at all related to parts of my body that I consider to be sexual. I am also pretty vigilant about keeping up with my routine health care, so I've had numerous mundane medical procedures.

I do go to the gynecologist, as well, if that was what you were asking. As noted in other replies, I don't get as medical fetish on at the doctor as I do by watching medical porn, since I like the idea of having the "doctor" role more than I do that of the "patient". I will say that I sort of like the idea of medical procedures when they are posed to me, but the actualization is never as sexy. For example, I medical fetish a colonoscopy, and, while I think I liked the idea of the procedure in theory, and even the idea that it would be done to me, the actual event was definitely not sexy.

IAmA woman with a medical fetish.

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Playing Doctors and Nurses: Medical Fetish and How to Do it