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Some people call me Loppy.

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That difficulty lead me to focus less on mechanics and sick outplays, and more on macro decision making such as optimal item builds, good teleport usage, and manipulating minion waves particularly lolking closed an era where high-level players were only just figuring that out — including me.

Here you can find articles about League of Legends, where I leverage my expertise to provide analysis and meaningful insights into the decision making process across various aspects of the game. There is of course also my detailed Olaf guidewhich my readers say was one of the best guides out there during the time before LolKing shut down. The guide remains available archivedalbeit with slow loading times and minor formatting issues.

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During I also began innovating within the modding scene of the former game, documenting major findings to help other modders to take advantage of my work. These days most PC builds I help end up getting a write-upincluding a rundown of component choices and other thoughts on the build. It turns out those are an enormous time sink to do properly, which is why almost nobody does good ones.

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Maybe one day! Of course, now and then I delve into something outside of the topics. Maybe something about music I play pianomaybe something else.

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LoLKing – The Glory, The Downfall, The Closure