Leaked teens

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TeenSafe leaked teens, a service used by parents to monitor the online behaviors and phone activity of their children, allowed tens of thousands of s to leak online after failing to properly secure their servers. The exposed servers, which were first discovered by security researcher Robert Wigginscontained the addresses of parents with TeenSafe s, as well as the address associated with the Apple ID of their children.

For the TeenSafe app to work, it requires two-factor authentication be disabled. ZDNet reported there were about 10, records found in the server, though it noted some were duplicates. The other exposed database stored test data. TeenSafe, by the way, is an incredibly creepy and invasive service. It shows logs of sent and received calls as well as all contacts stored on the device. Parents can track real-time device location and look at location history. It even can suck up browsing history and bookmarks from web browsers and messages sent through third-party messaging services like WhatsApp and Kik.

The video for that one comes complete with black and white footage of a family talking at the dinner table like the good old days.

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Not a customer o TeenSafe, and after this revelation, not going to be. Using a public facing server on publicly available service with no security whatsoever. Sure, it sounds like a honeypot. Storing passwords in plaintext. This alone should be a good enough reason. Requiring the teens to disable 2FA for their app to work. Thats like teaching kids to not lock the windows in case the parents forgets the keys. The A.

Privacy and Security.

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By AJ Dellinger. Screenshot: YouTube.

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Tech Privacy and Security. Reasons: 1.

Leaked teens

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