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Every girl must have the skills to make the partner cum how to make him cum hard a SuperMan. Today we will take you through some of the ways that will help you have an exciting sex experience. Women these days are against the traditional way of having a one-sided sex affair when a man takes the lead in pleasing while the woman has always had to sit back and watch him doing things to her.

They like to arouse their men, stimulate their sexual urges and make them cum in the hardest possible ways. The body of a woman is full of desires and sexual gifts, and she can use them effectively to turn on her partner. Today we are going to discuss the ways through which a woman can make her guy cum hard.

It is but natural to cum once you reach the edge of a sexually aroused state while you are engaging in sex with your partner. However, the intensity and emotion with which they cum are certainly under your control. While most men like to make their women scream with pleasure while having sex and help them to achieve spasmodic and huge volcanic eruptions, women aren't too behind them either.

Before making a guy cum hard, it is necessary to get him to rock hard, big and erect. To achieve that especially with a guy who has a long and huge member, a woman has to make him feel very special. Lots of foreplay is what we advice to the women. Tempt your man to make as much sweet love to you as possible; get in long sensuous kissing sessions, do all sorts of nibbling and biting and make him feel that you are going to please him by every possible way today. Do not allow him to get downstairs so easily and let him get there step by step. This will not only increase his erection but will also train him to control his urges for a long time which will ultimately benefit you as well.

Women forget the fact that men too like to get everywhere and not just on the face and lips. Therefore, make use of your sexy lips and kiss him on different areas and body parts. A sensual and warm kiss on his private member can be a great way of turning him on. Teasing is the ultimate way of arousing a partner and men love to get teased sensually and seductively.

Wear sexy and revealing lingerie to tease him a bit more while making love. Apart from the visual treat, you can also tease your partner by tying his hands to the bed and by undressing him most seductively and dominantly. Let your hands wander and play with his loins while making out, and you can even try to pinch and bite him wherever possible. Most men feel ticklish in the abdomen area, and you can use that to make him laugh and arouse at the same time. The penis is the most sensitive part for all the men irrespective of their age and size. Therefore, it is always advisable to play and frolic with his private member as long as possible.

You can start this by undressing his trousers in the how to make him cum hard seductive manner. Make it a point to untie his belt and buckles by yourself as it makes you more seductive and wild to him. Start by caressing his thighs and plant an occasional peck on the inner thighs to make him horny as hell. You can then reach out his member and start stroking it slowly. Do not be vigorous with stroking as it can make him spill the beans much before then you have expected.

Make it slow, sensuous, wet and wild. A wet kiss on his shaft and balls might work wonders for you, and he might start oozing pre-cum rapidly. Before giving a real treat like a blowjob or handjob making sure that he gets stimulated to the edge but just don't let him cum because you wish to deny orgasm to him as long as possible.

A perfect blowjob is one of the sexiest ways by which you can make him cum harder than ever. Start by playing with his balls and shaft and then start licking and kissing his length with utmost sensuality.

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Stroke him occasionally in between to raise his member to full erection quickly. Engulf your mouth around his shaft to get a feel of his girth and bite it playfully to tease him more. The tip of the penis is the most sensitive part for a man, and therefore you need to play with this tip as seductively as possible. Kiss the top part of his penis if it is ok with you and try and tickle him by licking around and in the eye of his penis. All this will get him to the pinnacle of pleasure, and he might feel the urge to cum. Slow down things whenever you how to make him cum hard he his reaching the point.

Engulf your mouth around the head and give him a blowjob of his lifetime. Tease his shaft with your tongue and allow him to mouth fuck you in between to balance the things. These things will allow him to control his urges for a longer time. Slow down things and start playing with his thighs and abdomen whenever he reaches the climax.

Denying an easy orgasm is the best way to make a guy cum hard and use it to your advantage. At last, when you feel that he cannot resist it anymore start sucking his dick and balls wildly, and this will be enough for him to explode like a volcano. If a blowjob is not your thing, then you can also use your other body parts to seduce and tease him. You can use your tits to arouse his member. Many men love to ride the gap between two breasts, and that can be a perfect way to stimulate his senses.

Some women like to give their men a little striptease or lap ride to make them feel special and horny at the same time. Stripping your clothes like a sexy seductress can prove to be an ideal way to get him aroused especially when you are wearing sexy lingerie or nothing inside!

Men are always attracted towards innocent women as their innocence ignites their deepest sexual desires and fantasies. Therefore, never forget to act innocent before your partner even if you are not. This will not only entertain him, but it will let him desire for your sensual and kinkier side more than ever. Having casual conversations about a movie or your future can make things surprisingly hotter and steamier for both of you.

You can also talk about an actor who you love just in the middle of intercourse to make him feel jealous, and he will start ramming you harder to show that he is a better man. This will eventually convulse your pussy muscles harder, and how to make him cum hard pussy will wrap around his shaft tightly and hold it in a firm grip. As a result, you both will cum harder than ever and afterwards you can console him by telling that all that banter was to tease him more.

Just knowing the fetishes of your man would prove to be the turning point in your sex life. Some men like to be dominated, and therefore you can make use of handcuffs and blindfolds to make things worse for him. You can also spank his buttocks with a leash or by bare hands, or you can even give his balls a rough whacking with the help of a leash.

Some women even nail their men in the anus by using a strap-on dildo to make them horny enough before he starts returning the favors. All these things will excite him, and that will only help him to cum harder when the actual intercourse happens. Men are never happy with one pose and always try to experiment by searching on the internet or by learning new postures through some books. However, if you invent or plan sexy postures for your man you can get his rocks cum hard easily. You can also spend some time watching porn movies together to learn better and kinkier things.

This will not only spice up your sex life but will also reflect on your relationship in a positive way. Having sex with a wild and rough chick gets a man cum harder, and that is a well-established fact. Therefore, you need not just relax and enjoy his pounding but you can also reciprocate his efforts by upward thrusts, or you can simply let him lie on the bed and ride his monster.

This will not only help him to enjoy better, but this position also helps men to sustain longer which eventually le them towards explosive orgasms.

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Using aphrodisiacs while having sex not only excites a woman but a man too can get aroused and worked up by them. Strawberries, chocolate, oysters etc. These foods increase your sexual appetite and allow you to enjoy intense sex sessions with your partner which ultimately will help him to cum harder. Some women may also like to give an oil massage or hot wax massage to their partners just to make things wet and kinky. This arouses the men, and they feel the urge to have a steamy session of intense sex. Using your completely oiled body itself as a massager can be a great way to stimulate the loins of your partner and help him to reach the pinnacles of pleasure much easier.

Behave like a slut before him and talk dirty things just to increase the sexual tension between you two. Tell him the nasty things you would do to him if he does not obey and whispering a dirty thing or just laughter will arouse the hell out of him. Let him feel your hot breath and lick his ears to make him hornier.

Use all these things smartly before actually engaging in a steamy affair of sex how to make him cum hard him to let him cum harder than ever. Even the small things like moaning louder, letting out murmurs and gasps of joy or by just pinching his nipples when you are closing towards then climax can send him over the edge, and you will witness his spurts of joy getting longer and thicker than ever! Just when you feel that your partner is close-by add more vigor to the thrusts and move your hips rapidly to complement his pushes.

Also, you can tighten your kegel muscles to make your inner walls contract and wrap around his dick harder just before he reaches near the climax. This will give immense pleasure to him, and he will be forced to let out a huge, shuddering and loud orgasm. These were a few things which you can try if you want to please your partner and make him reach a powerful and explosive orgasm. Keep things nice, slow and sweet at the start and eventually start spicing things up in your seductive way. Do not give in so easily and let him battle to get access to your love holes.

An engaging session of hot sex is the best way to make him shoot his semen like a rocket and use your looks and sultry mannerisms to your advantage while teasing how to make him cum hard. If you know about any more ideas and techniques, please let us know through your comments, or you can even send us an e-mail.

Till then enjoy sex and heat up your sex life by reading our blogs and articles about sex life and postures. Whenever you are think of making your man cum, you need to be sure that he gets aroused unconditionally. To get him into the right mood, you need to use teasing skills. Teasing a man while making-love is the right thing to do. It will make him cum and deliver long-lasting sexual satisfaction. Let us discuss the three main ways to tease him:. Men fall for sexy lingerie. No matter what you wear, it should look hot on you, and give your body the right shape.

You can always start by planning a special night for your partner. Choose crop-top set nightwear with shorts and give your best entry. Rather than using an ordinary shimmery powder, you can apply a highlighter to highlight your breast and collar bone. Then apply shimmer with an excellent fragrance to attract your partner. Also, rather than making a ponytail, you can set your hair as per the likings of your partner.

Alongside this, use red nail polish and glossy flavored lip gloss that night. Good music and sexy dance will turn on your man in advance. When you are setting things for a lovely night, we recommend you undress your partner by seducing him with some horny moves and groves.

When you and your partner are on the same track and have undressed him, start kissing him. Kiss him on his collar bone, neck, chest, stomach, and move down towards his penis. You can also give him a foot-job if he likes it.

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To make him cum hard, you need to make sure he has his dick hard and erected. Show him your body and do the things he will say. Seeing you naked from every angle is the most ificant gift for him. So follow his instructions and see how hard it gets for him within a few seconds. With a sexy voice, call out his name and say some kinky words. Ask him seductive questions like, You want me to put your penis in my mouth? Where do you want to put it, baby? And a lot more. When you talk seductively, you will see his expressions change, and he will get aroused.

Also, while having sex, your moans will help him cum hard. A woman has the power to control men through dry humping even if they are not having sex. When you talk about sex, it sounds like a pure feeling that you want to share with the right person. It is entirely reasonable if you are a youngster.

Start by sitting on top of the guy and rubbing your vagina on his private part with clothes on. It will give him an erection, and he might also cum if he has never had sex before. Another fascinating way to help your man cum hard will be by taking the initiative to start making love. Also, during sex, you can become dominating and start a role-play session. Become his teacher and instruct him to press your boobs, lick your vagina, and a lot more. It will give him an instant erection, and he will cum hard at the right time. As soon as your partner says I am about to cum, sit down on your knees, and give him a blowjob.

How to make him cum hard

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