Hot wax play

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No doubt, falling into a bedroom routine can make things kinda stale—reverting to a go-to sex position again and again while your Netflix binge of choice plays in the background doesn't exactly scream hot. But you know what does? Wax play. A practice made popular by BDSM and the kink communitywax play involves dripping candle wax onto your partner, having your partner drip it onto you, or dripping it on yourself.

Wax play is typically used as a power tool for partners who take on sadist and masochist roles. But even if your sex preferences are more of the vanilla variety, Cannon says wax play is a practice you can adapt for your own bedroom to simply make sex more exciting, enjoy doing something "naughty," or experiment with a little pain-as-pleasure for an evening or three. After all, you won't know if you like it until you try it.

Because wax play involves candles, which, duh, involve fire, the first step is educating yourself about how to keep things safe. So here's how to do that—plus how to make wax play even sexier and less messy, too. You can tweak it so it fits your needs but, in most situations, wax play calls for lighting a candle not just any candle! You can experiment by pouring hot wax play wax from near the skin for a sharper sting or pouring from further away, so the wax has a hot wax play more time to cool off, says Cannon. Yep, that's all part of it.

Some also like to bring in a blindfold, for the surprise element. If that sounds like too much, you could also try alternating between hot and cold, by bringing ice into the mix and running it over the skin after or during wax play. There are no wrong answers here. Oh, yeah. That's not the goal here.

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You hot wax play relight it when you need more wax. If at any point the wax starts getting uncomfortable, tell your partner immediately so you can stop. Communication is top priority during wax play and all sexual experiences—not just those that fall into the BDSM camp, says Cannon. Once you hear it, listen for what your partner needs—it might just be a request to slow down, or they might need the first-aid kit oops. Another biggie is being percent present for your partner, which also means being sober.

Not okay. Aftercare, aftercare, aftercare. This vulnerability after an intimate experience like wax play helps build trust and can even strengthen your relationship. As for your bodies, wipe yourself or each other! And remember, if your experience didn't go well the first time perhaps you spilled wax on your favorite throw pillow, burned yourself, or found it kinda awkwarddon't write it off for good.

If you think you might like it under smoother circumstances, it's worth another try. Like most things, wax play can take a little practice Weight Loss. United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Masala Pepper And Cauliflower Omelet. Okay, cool Related Story. Massage Candle. Lelo lelo. Related Stories. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.

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Hot wax play

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A Beginner’s Guide to Wax Play, So You Can (Safely) Turn Up the Heat