Girls love sucking dick

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As the proud owner of a penis, you already know that blowjobs are amazing. But as much as you love being on the receiving end, did you know that a lot of women absolutely adore going down on you? Sure, a solid majority of women would rather you go down on her while she enjoys being a pillow princessbut nonetheless, most ladies love giving you a nice BJ.

Why not suck some dick here and there and make each other happy? Christ hell. I love feeling a guy grow hard for me. I suppose its also a control thing. I love hearing him moan.

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I love being in control of his pleasure. I love insisting that he relax and let me do this! I love the feeling of him inside of me. I love feeling him grow as he becomes more excited!

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I love the intimate connection that we form. Because other than that, I'm pretty damn submissive. There's nothing like it. It sucks when a man isn't vocal. To have that much control over a man? To know you can make him groan in pleasure when he tries to stay stoic and quiet, to watch his brow furrow in concentration on how good it feels, when he tries to arch his hips a bit to press more into your mouth, and you can deny that There is nothing Not that fake porn shit.

Sucking dick is pretty addictive because it is quite empowering.

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I can literally feel the throbbing as he cums. It's just so great!!!

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I love to give pleasure to my darling, and I simply relish his delight. The sensation of a cock growing in my mouth, knowing that I am the source of that response, is wonderful. To sum things up a little, it would seem as though women like going down on you for one of three reasons: 1 They delight in the feeling of being in control of your penis and your sexuality, or in other words, being a dicktator Get it?

Dick dictator? Maxim Marketplace.

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Girls love sucking dick

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