Gay kink

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Skip ! Story from Sex. I never thought of myself as kinky.

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What makes you "kinky" rather than just "open" or "adventurous"? Kink can mean a lot of things, which change based on whom you're talking to. Generally, though, it can include: BDSM spanking, domination, being tied up ; threesomesfoursomes, and moresomes; watching other people have sex; finding casual or anonymous partners on Craigslist; and much, much more.

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It can include being dressed up like a pony and going to dressage camp with a bunch of your leather-clad pals, or wearing a tasteful collar with a bell on it. For some peopleit might involve extreme experimentation, such as breath control including erotic asphyxiation or choking or fantasy roleplay. Kinksters vary widely in gender and sexual orientation. Some people take on kink as an identity, the same way someone might identify as gay, but others don't.

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Like many things in life and sex, kink is a spectrum. People don't talk a ton about their kinky sides. In some cases, this may be because we're afraid of being laughed at or rejected because of our fantasies. Or, maybe we haven't learned to value our full range of sexual expression. Other times, we're scared of being physically hurt when experimenting with our desires.

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We might feel guilty for having "abnormal" sexual feelings that we're convinced other people don't have even though Kinsey found out in the s that there's a lot more kink happening than we hear about. Or, maybe we're feminists who secretly want to be tied up and made to suck off a stranger. The bottom line: We have complicated feelings about kink.

With kink, there is no normal, but there are some more common acts. Ahead, some different kinks along with things to remember if you decide to try them. If you do something and discover it's not for you, no big deal. Gay kink, if you find yourself wanting to learn moregive yourself the chance to explore.

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Gay kink

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