Foot fetish partner

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Feet are supposed to be gross, right?

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They're tucked away in our smelly socks all day and we kind of hate them. I have friends that can't even say the word "foot. I've always seen my feet as something that take me from one place to the next, and that's about it. But my ex-boyfriend enlightened me on the world of foot fetishes, and, oh, man, did that stomp out my thoughts. Pun intended.

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My ex was sweet and cute, eager to compliment and connect. On our third date, we talked about our jobs, as some people on first dates do. I mentioned that a long time ago, I had gone on an interview to be a foot fetish girl at a loft that hosted "foot fetish" nights, where men would pay money to do things to a woman's feet, on the weekend. I never did it — I didn't get the job, Still, this was a pretty funny story to me — but he sat through it silently.

Then his face turned pink and he mumbled under his breath "you know, I have a thing for feet, kinda. He immediately changed the subject. I figured we would cross that foot bridge when we came to it, and, boy, oh, boy, did we come to it. Well, at least he did. I did some cursory research thank God for the foot fetish partner and it turns out that after boobs and buttsfeet are the most sexualized part of a woman's body.

I had heard of a foot fetish before, but I hadn't ly dated a guy who openly had one, despite how common it supposedly was. It makes me wonder if the men I dated ly were all liars. Just kidding, I know they were liars. I went down a rabbit hole on the internet trying to figure out why feet are attractive and there is no shortage of theories.

My then-boyfriend told me that, much like a woman's body, the foot is curvy and soft.

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He went on to try and explain that feet triggered something in him the way boobs might trigger a man. But he didn't get turned on by a random good pedicure in flip-flops, he wanted the feet of the woman he loved. Awww, isn't that sweet? He didn't really have an explanation, but he did seem comfortable talking about it. After other women had dismissed it and called him a freak, he was excited I was open to it. And so we immediately incorporated foot stuff into our sex life. At first I loved it!

Sexts were way easier now. Instead of trying to take a naked picture at a perfect angle, back bending and sucking in, I could just take a pic of my feet, fully clothed and with no makeup on! It made me super confident. Who knew my feet had sex appeal!?

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It felt like I had a new superpower. And I loved having a little secret with my man, one more way to spice things foot fetish partner in bed. We never got into a routine He also didn't get turned on by a random good pedicure in flip flops, he wanted the feet of the woman he loved. In the beginning, he would rub or kiss the bottoms of my feet and then we'd move on to something more traditional, something more mutually pleasuring. But very quickly, this whole foot thing took over our sex life, and wasn't just a part of foreplay.

Soon everything was just, well, foot fucking. And if you haven't done it, let me explain: You lie on our stomach, engage your core and squeeze your thighs so the arches of your feet make a hole. And as much as I liked that he was getting a kick out of it, I became really bored. Although foot fetish partner position worked when I was tired or not in the mood for sex, it was a real problem when I wanted to get off or make a connection.

It's an uncomfortable position in which to make eye contact. In fact, the only contact you have is between his penis and your feet. My feet weren't one of my erogenous zonesso I wasn't getting turned on or getting off. I tried to tell him this, but he got in his own head about it, thinking I was telling him he was some kind of weirdo. I had to tread carefully; I didn't want to put my foot in my mouth when they were already in his. I tried to explain to him that I liked pleasing him, just that we couldn't spend our entire night doing just his thing.

We had great sex, but it was so infrequent, and it was frustrating that he didn't understand that I needed to feel pleasure, too. It seemed like maybe he didn't really care about me. I wanted him to fall in love with me, head over heels. I didn't want him to just love my heels. We broke up because, surprise, he was selfish in bed.

But I'm grateful for the relationship, because it taught me that sex is more then just a pleasurable experience for one person. It's about compromise, and making sure both people are getting what they want out of it even if what someone wants may seem weird to the other person — at least, it is for me, and I'm now unwilling to compromise on what I want. I need intimacy, I'm unashamed that I do, and I speak up about it now.

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Having a preference in bed is great! I love when men can communicate what they want. I love getting kinky! But sex is a team sport; there needs to be give and take. We're still friends, and I hope in the future he's open to his new lover's needs from the beginning, just like I was to his. After all, I wouldn't want their relationship to get off on the wrong foot. Follow Carly on Twitter and Redbook on Facebook. Type keyword s to search. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this to help users provide their addresses.

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Foot fetish partner

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What I Learned From Dating a Man With a Foot Fetish