Feeling kinda naughty

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I notice this song is often dismissed as being too dark or really out there. I rarely see it on favorite lists. Let me explain. As someone with anxiety, I would often compare myself to other women my own age. Sometimes I would meet someone that had a lot of qualities and accomplishments that I either wanted for myself or thought that person was doing it better than me somehow.

I would feel a mix of envy and admiration. This person has it figured out. It touches on that anxiety I feel at times. You admire the person but also feel like whatever they have is just out of reach for you. I found this very relatable in a different way.

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Fellow bi chick. And can I just fucking stare at you until I figure it out? Feeling Kinda Naughty is what made me carry on watching the show in the beginning. I also get a sense of Impostor Syndrome maybe that's not quite it from that video; she looks great, and feeling kinda naughty the entire thing is about how she wishes she looked like someone else.

When they first meet, it makes sense that she feels less attractive: Valencia is done up great and wearing a sexy outfit and Rebecca's in "threw this on" clothes. But Rebecca cleans up really nice, and yet even when she's all prettied up she's still envious of Valencia. Note that this shows up in the pilot, too: when she runs into Josh in New York, they talk a bit, and then he says "Man, if I'd known you'd turn out to be so successful and hot Let a good one get away, huh?

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I mean it's really her self doubt playing on her because based on how feminist and driven towards female empowerment throughout the show she is, Rebecca definitely would objectively understand that she can't compare her natural self to a girl who's all dolled up and glamorous, it's not really comparable Feelin Kinda Naughty is definitely a favorite for me. I get these sort thoughts too, just not this intense of course.

It's one of my favorite songs. Whenever I suggest people to watch Crazy Ex, I always tell them to watch til feeling kinda naughty 2 before judging the show just because of this song. Edit: I'm glad different people get different things from the song, but I think it very unlikely that this is creator's intention. It's just a very funny song that takes the likes of I Kissed a Girl to a hilarious extreme. I guess we all like to project our own meanings into these songs.

But I love that people can find their own meaning in it. It often helps me get insight into my own subconscious choices. Nothing is ever just funny if you dig deep enough. Let Me Explain. Posted by 11 months ago.

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Sort by: best. Bi Guy here. Honestly same for my experiences with some men. Like why do I like this guy, which head made this decision?

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Feeling kinda naughty

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“Feelin Kinda Naughty” is Relatable. Let Me Explain.