Adult baby play

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If you are into ABDL, you can be one of these things, or you can be both; just like how somebody who is in the BDSM community may be into bondage but not sadism, somebody in the ABDL community may be a diaper lover but not an adult baby, and vice versa. An adult baby is an adult who chooses to return mentally to like stateeither for fun or eroticism.

According to Ignacio Rivera in The Ultimate Guide to Kink which is a fantastic book btwage-play can be progressive where someone pretends to be older than they actually are or regressive where they pretend to be younger than they actually are. Somebody who is an adult baby is therefore engaging in regressive age-play not to adult baby play confused with age regression, which is a defence mechanism related to trauma and has nothing to do with kink. Something that may surprise you is that adult babies are often not role-playing as babies at all! Not only that, but the age of an adult baby is not static and can fluctuate — while an adult baby may be a bratty schoolgirl one day, she may turn into a helpless newborn the next, a pouty teenager the next, and so on.

Someone who is an adult baby adult baby play like to use various props when they are age-playing. ABDL products can include pacifiers, colouring books, bottles of milk, cribs, sippy cups, and of course, diapers. ABDL costumes can include babygros, dungareesschool uniforms, frilly ankle sockschildish dresses and more. ABDL behaviours could include anything from throwing a tantrum at bedtime to sucking on a pacifier, playing with dolls, crawling on the floor, becoming non-verbal if role-playing as a babysucking on a lollipop, adopting a more childlike voice and lots, lots more.

Every adult baby is completely unique and different, just like every adult is completely unique and different! During play, they may take on the role of a stern school teacher, a nurturing mommy figure, a dominant daddy or a cruel babysitter. However, sometimes this power dynamic can shift and the adult baby can often find themselves being the one in control — think a manipulative schoolgirl blackmailing her perverted teacher into giving her good grades or a toddler tormenting his babysitter until she cries.

Again, these roles are always subject to change, and as long as both parties are fully on-board, the sky really is the limit when it comes to ABDL role-play and the characters that can be created within it. This means that they find diapers and the act of wearing them a turn-on. They may become aroused by the soft material of the diaper against their skin, or they might enjoy soiling the diaper and being spanked and scolded or nurtured and changed by their caregiver.

An adult diaper lover may not have any desire to act like a baby, and age-play may not be a part of their kink at all. There are many reasons why adult diaper lovers enjoy wearing diapers, but for now it is just important to know that a diaper lover is not necessarily also an adult baby although they could be. Adult babies may or may not also be diaper lovers. They do not have to be socially acceptable. Anything involving age-play is a huge taboo in society, with critics of ABDL and DDLG claiming that adults are just not meant to act like children, especially in a sexualised environment.

To the uninitiated, ABDL is just a cover for paedophilia and child sex abuse, with paedophiles acting out their disgusting fantasies in a role play adult baby play rather than with actual children. Let me be very clear — paraphilic infantilism is absolutely not related to paedophilia or any form of child sexual abuse.

Adult babies are not attracted to children, nor do they want to form relationships with children. A series of case studies by sexologists Ray Blanchard and Kurt Freund corroborates this, noting that while paedophiles were attracted to children due to the desire for sexual partner, infantalists age-players imagined themselves as children and adopted the objects of childhood or infancy to increase the power difference between their partners and themselves.

There is also no evidence to say that adult babies are mentally illor suffer in any way as a result of their preferences. Age-play is really just that — play and fantasy between consenting adults who do not condone coercion, violence and sexual abuse any more than the average person does.

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Horror movie fans enjoy horror movies because horror movies entertain them, which in turn makes them happy. Adult babies and diaper lovers do the things they do because they derive a sense of happiness adult baby play them. Some people enjoy being in a vulnerable state and having a caregiver nurture them, making them feel protected and loved. Some people may have had an abusive or neglectful childhood and find that age-play gives them the innocence and sense of warmth that they were never able to receive as. For some, they may work in a very high-powered job where they are the one calling the shots all day.

Age-play allows them to surrender that control and relax, entering an almost meditative state of being. For diaper lovers, their feelings may be slightly different, but ultimately lead to the same sense of fulfilment and happiness.

Maybe they enjoy the thrill of having a secret, of wearing something underneath their clothes that nobody else knows about. This is exciting to them, which in turn, is a turn-on. Maybe they enjoy being an adult in baby diapers because adults should not wear diapers. It is taboo. It is forbidden. It is this sense of the taboo that draws them towards diapers.

Some adults in baby diapers like soiling their nappy — sometimes even in public — because it makes them feel dirty and disgustingand it is this feeling that they enjoy. This may evoke feelings of shame and humiliation something they enjoyor it may make them feel loved and cared for. Whatever the specific reason why somebody enjoys age-play or wearing diapers, the underlying motives are the same — doing these things makes them feel good. It makes them feel happy. There are many reasons why someone may enjoy wearing diapers. After all, BDSM can be really physically and emotionally taxing. For some, checking in once is enough, but others might need to be checked on every hour, or a few days after the scene to make sure that they are still okay.

Aftercare looks different for everybody, but making a cup of tea, having a cuddle and having a laugh and a joke together are all great ways of getting the natural dynamic of your relationship back and coming back down to earth. ABDL is not my personal idea of a good time, but I absolutely abhor kink shaming and it is a sword that Adult baby play am prepared to die on okay, maybe not literally but u know what I mean. They are not paedophiles, they are not abusers and they do not have something wrong with them. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly.

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What is ABDL? ABDL accessories, costumes and behaviours Someone who is an adult baby might like to use various props when they are age-playing. Many adult babies enjoy pacifiers.

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Adult baby play

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What is ABDL? The Truth About Adult Babies & Diaper Lovers